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Commerce Numérique was born from a successful project to revitalize businesses in a city center and initiated by digital experts.

Commerce Numérique Commerce Numérique offers a global solution through a marketplace to revitalize city centers, which is a priority for an association of merchants through modules:
  • Showcase site
  • Loyalty card​
  • Click & Collect​
  • Delivery​
  • Online payment​
  • Appointment booking ​
  • Parking cashback​
  • Festive activities and Traffic games

We also offer study and animation services, in addition to our solution for which each module is optional.
The objective is to bring new dynamism to the city center and our results demonstrate:

  • an acceleration in store traffic
  • an increase in merchant turnover
  • increased attractiveness thanks to the possibility of free parking for consumers
  • customer loyalty
  • acquiring new consumers
  • an increase in consumer purchasing power